Social events

Conference dinner - Sponsored by Metamaterial Technologies (MTI)

The conference dinner will take place on Wednesday 9th September in the magnificent Dining Hall of Wadham College.
Wadham College, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PN

Wadham College was founded in 1610 in the reign of King James I. During 1648-1660 Wadham became the regular meeting place of the ‘Philosophical Club’ of astronomers, anatomists and chemists including Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke – which in the early 1660s became the Royal Society. The College is now one of the largest in Oxford with about 450 undergraduate and 150 graduate students.

The Dining Hall – one of the largest in Oxford – is notable for its great hammer-beam roof and for the Jacobean woodwork of the entrance screen.


Bus tour

Wednesday 9 September. 5.30pm. The tour starts at the entrance to the Examination School, the Congress venue, and will finish at the doorsteps of Wadham College, the Conference Dinner venue. Home to the oldest University in Britain, Oxford is an architectural marvel. You'll get fantastic views of its honey coloured buildings as well as tantalising glimpses of the hushed courtyards of its many Colleges. Gaze at the beautiful buildings as you travel by the Ashmolean, the Sheldonian and the historic Carfax junction.


Welcome reception

The Welcome reception will take place on Monday 7 September, starting at 19:00 at Examination Schools, the Congress venue, right after the end of the sessions. We hope to see you all there. Take a chance to enjoy a friendly atmosphere of meeting old friends and creating new contacts over a glass of wine with some delicious nibbles and canapés.

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